Original Designs


Before realizing our size restrictions, we had designed wrap-around sleeves we had planned on printing. Since we worked hard on these before making the new designs, we decided to post them here to show the work we had done before. These can be printed on a home computer as wrap-around coffee sleeves.ImageImageImage



One thought on “Original Designs


    November 29. 2013

    Dear Folks,

    Congratulations on your novel approach to broadening the conversations about the LGBTQ community & its people.

    LGBTQ Nation Magazine ran the article profiling your efforts earlier this week and it was well received by our readership.

    I have included the link below. Well done folks and feel free to contact me should you have any questions.


    Brody Levesque
    Washington Bureau Chief
    LGBTQ Nation Magazine * LGBTQNation.com
    (202) 556- 0877 News Bureau
    (202) 674-6895 Mobile
    email: b.levesque@lgbtqnation.com

    Link: http://www.lgbtqnation.com/2013/11/vcu-students-distribute-lgbt-themed-coffee-sleves-to-promote-equality/#.UpkyrdIxEYY

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